We can help with any type of research transcription work including:

  • Research Interviews
  • Academic/Education Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Group Discussions
  • Thesis/Dissertation Research
  • Dictated Notes

Transcribing your own research interviews can be incredibly time consuming, so outsourcing your transcription work is a cost effective way to free up your time to work on analysis. A professional transcriber will transcribe one hour of average quality audio in around four hours, and that's with the use of a foot pedal to speed things up. So you can imagine the transcription process can be slow and frustrating for anyone who isn't quite as proficient at audio typing.

Working closely with researchers and interviewers from health and pharmaceuticals , we have a sound knowledge of your profession. We don’t churn out transcripts, phonetically guessing unfamiliar references. We take it upon ourselves to research the relevant acronyms, drug names, disease areas and terminology from your profession.

Researchers and academics spend their life writing up research and analysing content; let us take some of that off your hands with our fast, accurate academic transcription services.

If you have been closely involved in a research project, you will understand how time consuming it can be to transcribe your interviews and group discussions. Your brain will naturally fill in the gaps, make assumptions or gloss over details as you listen. You’re almost too close to pick up on the detail.