We can help with the following type of legal transcription work:

  • Medico-legal reports
  • Medical records summaries
  • Motor accidents
  • Workers compensation

Our medical records summaries have proved to be a useful tool for early case assessment and quick review of medical documents at any stage of litigation. Our summaries are prepared by a combined team of experienced paralegals and paramedical resources. We carefully reduce records to facts; accurately record dates, figures, names and reports; give a record of key events and diagnosis; eliminate extraneous information; and organize subject matter into coherent paragraphs.

Our experienced sector-specific transcribers are skilled in all aspects of transcription work to provide comprehensive support for individuals and organisations.

We pride ourselves on offering a highly competitive transcription service.

We are available for any amount of typing at any time with no minimum charge or monthly fee, which suits our legal clients and their ever-changing workload. Weekend typing support is also available, avoiding the difficulties incurred from scheduling an on-site weekend typist in the chambers.

Our medico-legal typists have many years of experience, and we process all reports through our quality assurance procedure.